Modern and Fashionable Handmade Bamboo Silk Rugs


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These handmade bamboo silk rugs are modern and fashionable in design, comfortable and durable in use.


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The material of these carpets is the fifth largest natural fiber "bamboo fiber", which is often referred to as bamboo silk in our industry.
It is very environmentally friendly and healthy, soft and smooth, and has antibacterial and anti-mite properties.



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Our these bamboo silk carpets are cut by hand, entangled by hand, and cleaned by hand. Hand-cut flowers ensure three-dimensional and vivid patterns;hand-wrapped edges make the carpet stronger and more durable; manual cleaning ensures the cleanliness of the carpet when it leaves the factory.



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Beautifying the rooms with these fine bamboo silk carpets can produce bright and lively vision result, as well as create a modern,luxury,elegant and comfortable friendly atmosphere.

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