4'x6' Pure Silk Handwoven Persian Tabriz Rug


The 4x6ft floral design rectangle handwoven Silk Rug give the viewers a graceful and ornate feeling by the soft beige background.The fresh blue surrounding border fit in well with the central attractive blue flower pattern,which enhance the overall beauty of the hand knotted silk Persian Tabriz rug.The main motive of this pure silk floral design Persian Rug is the wonderful flower pattern and the bold variation of bright colors on the carpet surface.

Price:USD 5760 /Piece
Size:4'x6'(122cm x 183cm)
Technics:Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 230line;367kpsi; 569410 knots/m2

Persian Tabriz carpet


Tabriz rug.jpg


Persian silk rug


Persian carpet handmade

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