6'x9' Red Handmade Persian Qum Silk Carpet


Carpet Description

Size: 6x9ft (183x274cm)
Price: USD 12960 /Piece
Material: Silk
Technics: Hand Knotted
Rug Quality: 230line;367kpsi; 569410 knots/m2

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This stunning Persian Qum carpet is knotted with silk which makes it thin and tight. It is extremely well made and in some cases very detailed.



silk rug


At first glance, one will have an illusion that falling into the beautiful vast sea of roses just as Alice in Wonderland. And when looks closer, one will find all these intricate and complex roses are absolutely symmetrical spreading throughout the attractive Persian carpet .




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This handwoven silk carpet is dense in feel, rich in color and clear in design.This handmade silk Oriental carpet is divided into many sectors in different shapes. At the central field, a very small diamond-shape field is finely decorated with fiery small red roses on black ground, along a light ivory layer with elaborated roses outside, forming a Persian carpet medallion on the overall. The hand-woven silk carpet is made of natural silk,no smell,no mildew, rejected chemical adhesives, and environmentally safe without allergies, as well as does not fade and does not deteriorate as time goes by.

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Hand knotted rugs from Nanyang Carpet always have fringe, which reflect the use of warp threads in the making of the rug.


silk rug


The backside of the hand knotted rug displays a perfect reflection of the rug’s design, and can be rolled and folded in any direction.By looking at the backside of a rug or a carpet, you should easily be able to see whether it’s hand-knotted or not. Hand knotted silk rugs from Nanyang Carpet have visible knots on their backside.


How to Make Hand Knotted Rugs

Hand-knitting carpets is a very slow process.It needs to craftmen calm down to weave carpets needles by needles, and knot by knot. Only in this way can they weave amazing hand woven carpets.If craftsmen of handwoven carpets shape the bodies of the carpets that inherited from generation to generation, then the designers give the carpets their exquisite appearance. Together they support the noble and elegant soul of a rug.

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Nanyang Silk Carpet Factory specializes in the production of various handknotted rugs, using traditional handicraft production. Due to perfect handicraft, rich colors, outstanding design and consecutively quality, the handwovn rugs from Nanyang Carpet have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world,as well as have wons the honor both at home and overseas.

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Buyer Show

Handwoven silk carpets are upscale, grand and top-quality as well as pearl-like luster, which are also called soft gold spread on the floor.Choose high quality pure silk handwoven carpets to decorate our living space,and enjoy the elegant,comfortable and peaceful life.

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